Women have known and enjoyed the benefits of silk for centuries, and they’ve passed this self-care tradition of hair wrapping to their daughters throughout the generations!  

Wrapping hair in silk at night protects it from the damaging friction that occurs when using other fabrics – like cotton, satin, rayon, and polyester. These fabrics cause tugging and breakage while “tossing and turning”. The luxe glide of our seamless soft silk fabric eliminates the snagging, pulling and breaking of hair cuticles while promoting growth, moisture retention and shine. 

Because of the benefits of our sleep caps, clients are not only able to extend the life of hair extensions, but increase the number of days between washes, blow outs, curl sets, and dry shampoo applications. Clients are able to protect their bedding, preserve their hair products, and sleep comfortably knowing that their Swurly cap won’t loosen, fall off, or fray like so many satin, elastic versions on the market today. 

Swurly’s silk products enhance your hair’s strength, length and shine!

 Don’t forget: sleep accounts for 30% of your day, so crown yourself in silk today!


What about Satin?

It’s true. Satin “mimics” the properties of silk - but they are not the same. Not even close.

Silk is the only “real deal”, because it’s made from natural fibers – and Swurly sources only the finest silks from around the world. Satin? It’s woven to try to imitate silk’s unique properties – which can’t be truly replicated with any process. 


Dione Laufenberg is the founder of SWURLY. She was born in Chicago and raised in Madison, WI where she met her husband on the UW Campus as a freshman. Together, they are raising their two beautiful biracial daughters.

Dione has earned her B.S. in Psychology as well as her licenses for massage therapy, aesthetics, and nail technology – all of which combine to elevate her expertise in wellness and self-care. 

  • Being innovative and anticipating the demands of the wellness and beauty market is no new trend for Dione. She built a successful full-service day spa in Madison at the age of 28. She opened the doors during the financial recession and found innovative ways to thrive. She went on to employee 13 staff members and sold the company in 2016.

  • Consistently caretaking the needs of her daughter’s bounty of curls, she uses her knowledge and research to help other multiracial families. Dionne has a whimsical and informative blog where she is able to share her travels, tutorials, party tips, and hair care regimens.

If you want to learn more about how we manage and style our hair check out Laufty Life Blog.