I run a house full of curly head cuties. My biracial daughter's Giana and Misha are blessed with tons of hair. They inspired me to go natural seven years ago. I love the versatility of protective styling when I need a break.

We can approach our natural hair rituals with a sense of dread simply because kinky, coily, curly hair takes time to nurture. By framing our hair care as a time consuming task, we can create a sense of burden. That projection hurts our ability to hone in on this time for self-love and acceptance.

I wanted to teach my girls from the start, what it took me years to believe:

nurturing and loving our hair is worth every minute.

Beautiful girls around the world have absolutely divine SWURLY kinky, coily and curly hair.

Invest the time in setting your style and let SWURLY products make them last awhile. SWURLY products help preserve your hair no mater what the style. Stretching the time between our wash days, retaining our hair’s moisture and shine while preventing our hair from breaking.

If you want to learn more about how we manage and style our hair check out Laufty Life Blog.