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We’ve compiled a list of what people say from our emails, vm’s and contact with happy customers.

Since they feel like love notes to us, we thought we’d share them here:

The cap stayed put even though my 9 year old daughter Lily moves around at night. It is comfortable and cute!
— Beth, Sun Prairie WI
The adjustment strap was extremely helpful in keeping my child’s cap on. The quality is high compared to caps & scarves worn previously. The adjustment button was very easy to use. Less frequent wash days! Zionna has very thick hair and we use less product to keep it hydrated because of the cap. Her hair almost stayed wet! She loves it and feels like it is her thing!
— Sharita, Fitchburg WI
Alexis hair was amazing this next morning. More moisture, less frizz. Adjustment feature is very easy. Noticed the moisture retention benefits when she wore her Swurly sleep cap. I wouldn’t change a thing. The caps were beautifully designed and very stylish. I noticed my daughters hair was much more easier to maintain while wearing the Swurly sleep cap. I would highly recommend the sleep cap for children and adults
— Heather, DeForest WI
My daughter was jumping up and down when her unicorn cap came today! We love our Swurly sleep cap because it helps retain moisture in her curls, reduces frizziness and her styles last much longer! We also both love the hair ties! they are soft and don’t get tangled in her coily curls and reduce breakage. Plus, they are great colors and cute when you wear them on your wrist all day, because you never know when you’ll need to pull back your locks. Thank you Swurly Co!
— Jennifer, Sun Prairie WI
My daughter’s hair has always been a struggle for me. Her curls are out of control after a night of sleep. I am so thankful I got my hands on one of these beautiful silk pillowcases. Since switching to this pillow case, our mornings are much less stressful and fixing the curls before school is a breeze. Thank you for creating such an AMAZING product!
— Alissa, Sun Prairie WI
Mikaela loved. She was very excited to wear it. She loved the colors and details.
— April, Beaver Dam WI
Aureyah loved the cap, and so did I. I loved the style. The adjustable feature was easy. Her hair was less frizzy. This is an amazing product for all nationalities and ages. I look forward to ordering my turban
— Ashanti, Pleasant Hill IA
I’ve never used a sleep cap before but I really love it! I wish I would have started protecting my curls earlier!
— Brittani, Monona WI
My 3 year old Mila says “ohhh pretty”
— Tera, Rogers MN
I’m in love with the silk pillowcase. I can’t believe the difference in my skin and hair after just one day. I even took my pillowcase with me to a recent hotel stay because I couldn’t stand the thought of going back to cotton. It feels like sandpaper after sleeping on silk! I’m spoiled now!
— Michele, Tampa FL