SWURLY Bounce Back Sleep Cap

SWURLY Bounce Back Sleep Cap


SWURLY Sleep Caps are designed to protect hair while we sleep. By replacing the friction of cotton with silk these caps prevent hair from snagging and breaking. Sleep like royalty and preserve your hair’s growth. Sleeping with a SWURLY silk cap will shield your crown.

Sleep pretty with SWURLY bounce back sleep cap. These caps are created to help retain hair's moisture and shine.  The silk will help extend the longevity of protective hairstyles, sew-ins, wash and gos or set curls. Our caps will aid your moisture and growth retention while decreasing the friction and frizzing from rubbing our heads on cotton pillowcases.


 ·      Preserves hairstyles- Braids, Sew-In, Natural, Blow-outs

·      Stretches the time between wash day

·      Prevents breakage caused by friction

·      Preserves delicate edges

·      Rids your hair of bedhead

·      Kid’s cap is adjustable

·      100% silk

·      Stays on your head

·      Made in the Midwest

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Silk Sleep Caps for Natural Curly, Kinky, Coily Hair. 100% Silk, Made in the USA.