Silk Pillowcases

Silk Pillowcases

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Queen size & extra roomy! Envelope style pillowcases work extremely well on all skin and hair types. Available in 3 colors. 100% 19 momme silk both sides. Made in the USA. Buy our sets and save!

“I’m in love with the silk pillowcase. I can’t believe the difference in my skin and hair after just one day. I even took my pillowcase with me to a recent hotel stay because I couldn’t stand the thought of going back to cotton. It feels like sandpaper after sleeping on silk! I’m spoiled now!”


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Our envelope style pillowcases were designed with kinky, curly, or coily hair in mind but work extremely well on all hair and skin types. 100% 19 momme silk, Made in the USA. Nothing compares to sleeping on silk! After you’ve spent numerous hours on your hair by conditioning, styling and setting the last thing you want to do is wake up and start all over again!

Sleeping on silk protects hair from damaging friction that occurs when using other fabrics like cotton, satin, rayon, and polyester. These fabrics cause tugging and breakage! The luxe glide of our seamless silk minimizes pulling and snagging of hair cuticles and maximizes growth, moisture retention and shine. Our pillowcases are hypoallergenic and they minimize wrinkles created by repeatedly sleeping in the same position. Don't allow your slumber to be counterproductive with collagen-diminishing sleep lines, sleep pretty!