SWURLY Sleep Pretty Pillowcases

SWURLY Sleep Pretty Pillowcases


Nothing compares to sleeping on silk. After you have spent numerous hours on your hair, conditioning, styling and setting your curls the last thing you want to do is wake up and start all over again.

SWURLY Sleep Pretty Pillowcases helps preserve the state of your locks for days. Stretching the time between wash day and keeping your hair hydrated..

In addition to the benefits of sleeping on silk for our hair, silk provides numerous benefits for our skin. When you sleep on SWURLY pillowcases those expensive products are absorbed into our skin instead of your cotton pillowcases. bed will not be absorbed into your pillowcase when you sleep on silk! Giving you the morning glow you expect, without the creases. Anti-aging, Anti-breakage,

·      Preserves hairstyles- Braids, Sew-In, Natural, Blow-outs

·      Improves condition of fine hair, frizzy hair, kinks, coils and curls.

·      Stretches the time between wash day

·      Prevents breakage caused by friction

·      Prevents tangles

·      Rids your hair of bedhead

·      Won’t strip hydration from skin

·      Anti-aging

·      No pillowcreases on face

·      Won’t absorb your skin creams and serums

·      100% silk

·      Made in the Midwest

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