why silk?


Wrapping hair in silk at night protects it from the cuticle-damaging friction and moisture absorption that occurs when using other fabrics like cotton, rayon, and polyester. The luxe glide of our seamless products made with pure 19 momme silk eliminates snagging, pulling and breaking of hair while promoting growth, moisture and shine.

Because of the benefits of our sleep caps, clients are not only able to extend the life of hair extensions, but increase the number of days between washes, blow outs, curl sets, and dry shampoo applications. Clients are able to protect their bedding, preserve their hair products, and sleep comfortably knowing that their Swurly cap won’t loosen, fall off, or fray like so many satin-polyester/elastic versions on the market today.

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30 percent.


{and other things you never knew you wanted to know and now you do}

That’s how much sleep accounts for your time in any given day. 30%…it’s just one of the many reasons to protect your precious locks. Your natural oils are distributed on your cuticle from the roots to the end of the hair strand, so wrapping it up is a no-brainer! Our caps are made for people of all ages and ethnicity to promote the best environment for growth and shine.

Silk fibers are roughly 10 nano meters (1/2500th of an inch) in diameter. Basically, teenie.

The silkworm feeds exclusively from the leaves of the Mulberry tree. When it produces silk, it’s actually one single continuous thread that’s over 1/2 mile long and contains up to 19 different amino acids.

Silk is the strongest natural fiber available, so it holds up to shape-shifting extremely well.