swash blue 100%.png

 care instructions 

Snap your fingers 3 times - you’ll see glitter & rainbows.

Possibly a unicorn.

Shazam! Done!

{just kidding}


here’s how
you really do it, sweetie


Fill basin or sink with cool water

{substitute crystal punch bowl instead of wash basin for a quick mood lift} 

Add very mild detergent of your choice

Swurl item around in water + clean to your satisfaction.
Do not agitate, be Swurly. Don’t soak. Rinse gently.

{We misspelled swirl because
we want you to love our brand, Swurly.
Also, during this step it’s a great idea
to let your mind gently drift
to thoughts of self-love and self-care}

Don’t wring or scrunch tightly

{it’s silk, remember?}

 hang to drip dry

{whistle while you work…
’cause all royalty does that
starting at the Princess level.
Don’t be surprised if you hear birds chirping.}

It’s not okay to iron these using heat

feel free to lightly steam product from the inside out

{just like personal growth}


hug yourself.
dance it out.
you deserve it, gorgeous.