Adjustable Children's Silk Sleep Caps

Adjustable Children's Silk Sleep Caps

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Exclusive stay-secure design. No elastic contact with hair. Easy adjust, stays put all night! 100% 19 momme silk, Made in the USA.

“Alexis hair was amazing this next morning. More moisture, less frizz. Adjustment feature is very easy. Noticed the moisture retention benefits when she wore her Swurly sleep cap. I wouldn’t change a thing. The caps were beautifully designed and very stylish. I noticed my daughters hair was much more easier to maintain while wearing the Swurly sleep cap. I would highly recommend the sleep cap for children and adults”


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Our flagship product is the exclusive adjustable children’s sleep cap. Fashionable and fun! Made with 100% 19 momme silk, they truly protect your little one’s hair. Designed to be bright, cheerful and comfortable, they coordinate well with sleepwear, too!

These exclusive adjustable kid’s caps were designed with kinky, curly, or coily in mind hair but work extremely well on all hair types. 100% Silk, Made in the USA.